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Welcome to Chef Basket at White House Fruit Farm. Our Chef Basket is a fun collaboration between White House Fruit Farm & area restaurant chefs. This new partnership combines the fresh produce and ingredients from our farm with amazing chef-inspired recipes from the area. 

Each month (April - August) a different area chef will create a simple and delicious recipe with seasonal produce and ingredients from White House Fruit Farm. Kim (Hull) Sisco joins the chef for a demonstration in their kitchen to prepare this recipe for everyone to follow along. 

The monthly Chef Basket, full of necessary ingredients and the chef-inspired recipe, will be available from the 14th - 30th of each month at White House Fruit Farm Market. Purchase our Chef Basket to take home and cook with your family or friends while watching our cooking demonstration found below. 

This month's Chef Basket is inspired by Chef David Gabbert from The Vineyards at Pine Lake and includes ingredients to make a watermelon strawberry salad with a cinnamon vinaigrette dressing. 

We hope you enjoy this fun way to shop and cook local month after month with our #WHFFChefBasket. See you on the farm. 

June Chef Basket with The Vineyards at Pine Lake