Cozé Coffee

The Cozé Coffee Bar was founded from a love for coffee and community.  We are dedicated to providing amazing specialty coffees and teas from all over the world roasted and brewed to perfection.  At Cozé, our specialty line of drinks are all the product of successful experimentation among staff and friends.  As a part of our mission to create a culture of community and share our love of both coffee and people, we name our drinks after the people who have created them.  Join in the fun and try something new today!  Our goal is to reduce the stigma around third wave coffee and make high end coffee accessible and fun for all.  Come for a fun beverage experience you'll never forget! 



The world of specialty coffee and Cozé looks at single-origin coffees like fine wines, each being unique and special.   We have our own line of homemade, all natural flavors (visit and continue to add new coffee and tea flavors every season.  Cozé has become a place not only to get a great tasting, high quality cup of coffee, but also a place to create, have fun, and experience it in a fresh new way.   At Cozé we'll have a warm welcome and the perfecet drink waiting for every new friend that comes to the counter.  Come join our coffee community, and see what we're all about.

We're open on the weekends throughout the year and at White House Fruit Farm events such as the Fall Festival Weekends & inside the Winter Gift Barn (November  to mid-December).