White House Recipes

February 2019

Homemade Applesauce & Spiced, Baked Apples

Although many folks associate apple season with fall, we here at White House Fruit Farm store our apples all year ‘round.  Apples are just as tasty and versatile now as they were in autumn.  Cold weather season invites us to prepare comfort food and apples can be front and center for warm, healthy dishes.  Here are some of our favorite apple dishes that can be a main course or side dishes.

Easy Applesauce:

Have extra apples in your fridge that the family hasn't eaten?  Turn them into quick applesauce! 

  • Peel, quarter, and remove core

  • Add a little water to a pan and add apples

  • Cook apples until soft

  • Mash with a fork or masher

  • Add sugar to taste

  • I add raisins, nuts, or Craisins to my sauce and skip the sugar!

How easy is that?  You can use any apples to make sauce.  It just depends on your taste for sweet or tart, thick or thinner consistency.  Just ask us and we can steer you in the right direction.


Baked Apples:

One of our most loved side dishes.  We peel and slice our apples, add a little sugar and cinnamon, and bake in a glass dish until soft.  You can add some red, hot cinnamon candies, if you prefer.  What an easy side dish served with meat and potatoes.  Again, you can use any apple variety.  

- Debbie Pifer