Gift Baskets

Fresh fruit and bakery baskets are the perfect gift for any occasion. Our baskets are made with fresh seasonal fruit such as pears, navel oranges, grapes and five varieties of apples.


To Place an Order:

  • Print DocX form HERE.

  • Phone: (330) 533-4161

  • Fax: (330) 533-7953

  • Bring form, or just come into our market.


All orders must be placed Monday-Saturday from 9am -5pm

Please give 24 hour notice for delivery


*We reserve the right to substitute basket styles and products of equal value in the event of outages.

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Fruit Baskets
A Basket.jpg

A. $20.00

12 piece basket

d basket.jpg

D. $38.00

25 piece basket

b basket.jpg

B. $25.00

16 piece basket

e basket.jpg

E. $45.00

30 piece basket

c basket.jpg

C. $30.00

20 piece basket

f basket.jpg

F. $60.00

40 piece basket

Specialty Baskets
g tray.jpg

G. $20.00

Pie Dessert Tray: apple pie (or any of your choice),

coffee and 2 hot chocolate

h basket.jpg
H. $29.00

15 Mixed apples, apple dip and snack mix

i basket.jpg

I. $39.00

15 Mixed fruit, snack mix, whiskey sticks and hard candy

j basket.jpg

J. $44.00

15 Mixed fruit, apple dip, snack mix, caramel corn

and hard candy

k basket.jpg

K. $44.00

15 Mixed fruit, 1/2 pint jam, local honey, hard candy

l basket.jpg

L. $48.00

15 Mixed fruit, apple dip, hot chocolate, cheese, crackers, snack mix

m basket.jpg

M. $45.00

15 Mixed fruit, mixed nuts, coffee, sweet bread, 1/2 pint jam

n basket.jpg

N. $46.00

15 Mixed fruit, candy tub, snack mix, mixed nuts, 2 hot chocolate

o basket.jpg

O. $55.00

20 Mixed fruit, biscotti, 1/2 pint apple butter, 1/2 pint of jam, cheese, crackers and hard candy​

p basket.jpg

P. $65.00 

20 Mixed fruit, cookies, 1/2 pint of jam, cheese, crackers, candy tub, coffee

q basket.jpg

Q. $75.00

25 Mixed fruit, apple dip, cheese, crackers, whiskey sticks, nuts, 1/2 pint jam, coffee, snack mix and fudge

r basket.jpg

R. $46.00

Medium Bakery Basket:

6 Donuts, large sweet bread, fudge, cookies and 5 apples

s basket.jpg

S. $55.00

Large Bakery Basket: 2 varieties of cookies, 2 large sweet bread, 6 donuts, coffee and 6 apples

t tray.jpg

T. $25.00

Small Donut Tray: 10 mixed donuts, coffee, 2 hot chocolate & 3 biscotti

u tray.jpg

U. $50.00

Large donut tray: 2 dozen mixed donuts, 2 coffee, 4 hot chocolate & 4 biscotti