Happenings on the Farm

     Even though it’s winter, we have plenty of our apples in the market! Enjoy the super sweet and ultra-firm Evercrisp Apples, a cross of Honeycrisp & Fuji, that will keep for a very long time. If you crave a crunchy, sweet snack don't miss out on Evercrisp.  Other apple varieties in our market are Fuji, Braeburn, Crimson Crisp, Cameo, and Gold Delicious.  Make some warm apple sauce to serve on these cold days or fill your house with the scent of apple crisp or baked apples. Visit our February recipes from 2019 for these farm favorites.

     Enjoy our homemade apple cider all year ‘round.  Serve it warm with spices and cinnamon for a non-caffeine treat.  Don’t forget the donuts with our homemade cider. The perfect winter pick-me-up. We have some new items in our bakery this season too. Try our new Salted Caramel Donut. Call ahead and order so you don't miss out. Our Banana Almond Bread and Almond Shortbread Cookies are new & available on weekends right now. Another good reason to visit our bakery.

     Other popular items in market are our jarred peaches, granolas, flavored coffee (try the bourbon pecan or blueberry cobbler), hot cocoa mixes, cappuccino mix (try the chocolate mint) and kettle corn. It's also a great time to heat our pepper bread and drizzle cheese over the top for a wonderful tangy snack.  

     The winter is the perfect time to visit the market. The atmosphere is cozy & the pace is a bit slower. Guests seem to enjoy taking their time & discovering new favorites. We welcome you to stop out & stock up. Our winter market hours are Monday - Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 12-5. We look forward to seeing you on the farm.

Debbie Pifer, The Hull Family

& The White House Fruit Farm Staff

White House Fruit Farm 2019

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