Happenings on the Farm

Welcome to the farm. Find out what's going on around the farm and in our Market.

On The Farm: It’s blueberry season! Our blueberry fields will soon be open for pick-your-own. Stay tuned to our social media for details. The fields are located just across the parking lot from our Market.


In The Market: We have our own blueberries in our Market. Grab some today or come back to pick-your-own soon. Blueberries are easy to freeze and enjoy year-round.

     Lodi apples are our first apples of the season and are now in our Market. Lodi apples are a very sour apple known for making apple sauce and pies.  They are only in season for a very short time because they do not store well. Due to the thin skin that bakes down, these apples do not need to be peeled when making pie. Try this early & delicious apple.

     Our peach crop looks to be plentiful for the first time in years. Our early July peaches will not be freestone quite yet, but they will have wonderful flavor for snacking and eating.  Expect to find our Freestone varieties in August.

     Our homegrown sweet corn will ripen sometime around the week of July 10.  Fire up the grill for sweet, homegrown corn from our farm. Zucchini, herbs, beets, candy onions, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and pickling cucumbers will harvest in July.  Watch our social media for updates as to ripening through out the season.

     There is still limited time to order 10 lb tubs of sour cherries. Our cherries will come from a new grower in Ontario, Canada this year, as our former cherry farm closed.  The cherries now have to cross the border as a frozen product, so cherries may be more frozen this year than in the past.  Just allow your cherries to sit on your counter until they are scoop-able, break into freezer bags, and store in your freezer for future use. Don't miss out on pitted sour cherries.  They make great pies at the holidays!

In The Bakery: Our July specialty donut is raspberry. Enjoy this limited-edition sweet treat. Our summer garden tomato pies return a few days after July 5. These are delicious for a summer meal with a side salad.

     Our sub cart and ice cream cart are also available in the Bakery. Stop in for a sandwich, order a cider slushie and come back for ice cream to enjoy lunch on our screened in porch or by the pond.


Events and Activities: Our Budgie Barn will be open July 10, 17 & 24. Our flowers are blooming, the fish feeders are full, the kid’s playhouse is open and our lawn is green and beautiful. Bring family or friends for a fun experience.

     On July 20 we are hosting 100+ of our colleagues from across America and Canada for a day of learning about farm marketing and tourism.  If you happen to visit us on that day, please make sure to welcome other market operators from around the country.

     We are also excited to share that we will be unveiling our new website in July.  We can’t wait to share it with you!!!

     Our July holiday hours are Sunday, July 4, 11:00 – 3:00 (note the early closing) & CLOSED on July 5, 2021. See you on the farm. 

Debbie Pifer, the Hull Family & the White House Fruit Farm staff 

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